Thursday, March 19, 2009

Surviving Eternity

If ever there were a moment
That between you and I subsisted
Let it not be the one of slammed doors
And angry fists fluttered forebodingly
Of multilingual curses with tongues untied
And loud stomps across the floor
If the Great Lord of Physics allows
Ethereal “warm and fuzzies”
To survive what we cannot
Let the first moment you held my hand
Supplant my flipping you the bird
And the fuming hollers be quelled
By the soft murmurs to your ear
Let the percolating coffee in the morning
The bell of the the spoon in the sugar bowl
The warm sweet happiness -- like your kiss
Be forever inoculated from the occasional
Hot, fever-deliriums of our love
And be the paradigm of moments lived
Henceforth, for our eternity.

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