Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Solstice Moon

--For Stuart Scheingold, departed June 24, 2010

Buzzing incandescent fireflies
Juxtaposed over powder blue iridescent skies
A quasi pointillist improvisation
Etched in a moment, fleeting
Undisturbed by the spectator, most pleased.

Billowing cotton cumuli
Sweep the sweet scent of tired leaves
Fragrantly exhaling sighs in synchronized pirouettes
Wisp suggestively a baited breath
Drawing out a smile from beneath the day.

A most philanderous dusk toys with the senses
Ardently injecting beauty into each inch of air
In balmy beams of Venetian blonde moonlight
The since forgotten season spreads infectiously
Boldly summoning high spirits and the audacity of bliss.

The night, for an instant, both singularly beautiful and heavily disquieting.

1 comment:

  1. C'est très beau. Je crois que tu pourrais supprimer "both" dans la dernière ligne. Je ne suis pas sure pour each inch. C'est une onomatopée pour quoi ?